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An Autonomous Society under Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY),
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S.No. Form Name File Type File Size
1 Quick reference for STP scheme123 KB
2 Checklist for setting up an infrastructure facility for STP units24 KB
3 Registration for STP scheme
  a) 7 easy steps for registration213 KB
  b) [Specimen presentation]     [E. O. Sheet] 49KB, 33KB
  c) Checklist for new registration & application check231 KB
  d) Request Letter for registration (EOU - STP)31 KB
  e) Application for registration (EOU - STP)211 KB
  f) Project report format62 KB
  g) Board Resolution Format30 KB
  h) List of Board of Directors57 KB
  i) Legal agreement39 KB
4 Application for EHTP units196 KB
5 Checklist for Custom Bonding License
  a) Checklist for Issuance of NOC for CPBW Licence 40 KB
  b) Checklist for Renewal of NOC for CPBW Licence 39 KB
6 Endorsement of capital goods
  a) Endorsement checklist30 KB
  b) Endorsement of Capital Goods for STPI Units33 KB
  c) Endorsement of Capital Goods for EHTP Units32 KB
7 Application for import of equipment45 KB
  a) Import checklist51 KB
  b) Cancellation of Import Certificate Checklist104 KB
8 Application for capital goods enhancement    &     Checklist 37KB, 59KB
9 Softex forms (Download all the forms below) 
  a) Softex form75 KB
  b) Checklist for Softex form66 KB
  c) Project and data transmission details28 KB
  d) Format - GIST of the contract34 KB
  e) Softex Covering Letter36 KB
  f) Country Codes27 KB
  g) Currency Codes24 KB
10 Format for onsite consultancy declaration29 KB
11 DTA application   |    Checklist for DTA 49KB, 52KB
12 Reimbursement of central sales tax 
  a) Reimbursement of central sales tax, Check list and application151 KB
  b) CST Circular & Delaration19 KB
  c) On-line module for Central Sales Tax (CST) reimbursement
  d) User Manual for Re-imbursement of CST module1,475 KB
13 Non-STP member registration 
  a) Guidelines for the Non-STP Units55 KB
  b) Checklist for Non-STP Member Registration164 KB
  c) Application for Non-STP Member Registration114 KB
  d) Specimen presentation for Non-STP Units57 KB
  e) Post Registration of Non-STP Units60 KB
  f) Checklist for Renewal of Non-STP Member Registration96 KB
  g) Application for Renewal of Non-STP Membership118 KB
  h) FAQs for NON-STP Units106 KB
  i) Checklist for exit of Non-STP Unit43 KB
14 Application for green card28 KB
15 Checklist for Renewal of Green Card36 KB
16 Renewal of STP scheme - Formats 
  a) Application for renewal234 KB
  b) Checklist for renewal299 KB
  c) EO Sheet33 KB
  d) Specimen presentation for Renewal107 KB
17 Merger/Takeover/Change of Implementing Agency Checklist193 KB
18 Checklist for Other Approvals472 KB
19 Checklist for Final Exit from STP/EHTP Scheme155 KB

Performance reports for EHTP units - Formats
1 Monthly report44 KB
2 Quarterly report 132 KB
3 Annual report196 KB

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