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  Datacom Services

STPI is one of the first Internet service provider (ISP) license with operational jurisdiction covering all of India. STPI provides leased-line services to the premium segment where quality is of utmost concern.

STPI’s national service delivery and management infrastructure includes 52 independent gateways, huge quantities of international bandwidth on international fiber and satellites, a state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre (NOC), comprehensive Network Management Systems (NMS), a data centre, and a Disaster Recovery (DR) site.

 Star   SoftLINK (Internet Leased Line) Services
 Star   SoftPOINT (International Private Leased Line) IPLC Services
 Star   Bandwidth on Demand (BoD).
 Star   Co-location / Data Center Facility.
 Star   Video Conferencing Facility.

Quality of Service (QoS) In Datacom Services

  SoftLINK(Internet Leased Line) Services

SoftLink is a service offering internet access on a shared and dedicated basis. This service was launched to cater to the rising needs of the industry for quality and committed service.

Features of STPI SoftLINK (Internet Leased Line) Service

  • STPI has niche expertise in serving the quality conscious IT industry, and is known for its quality service since 1993. STPI is a Class - A Internet Service Provider(ISP).
  • STPI has the credit of being India‘s first commercial Internet Service Provider and an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization.
  • STPI offers the best redundancy and reliability among all ISPs by maintaining multiple fiber backbones (while other ISPs rely on a single one).
  • STPI's Service Level Agreement (SLA) for its internet network guarantees uptime of more than 99.5% and throughput of more than 99.9%, with symmetric (download and upload) service.
  • STPI provides 24 X 7 technical support, with customer calls directly handled by a well-qualified technical team.

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  SoftPOINT(International Private Leased Line) IPLC Services

SoftPOINT International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) is a point-to-point private line used by an organization to communicate between offices spread across the world.

Features of STPI SoftPOINT (IPLC) Service

  • Secure and exclusive to the company’s use
  • Efficient and reliable point-to-point connection
  • Consistent round trip delay

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  Bandwidth on Demand (BoD)

With Bandwidth on Demand (BOD), companies can vary their access to bandwidth according to requirements (i.e. access higher bandwidth during peak business hours and lower bandwidth during regular hours). Specified additional bandwidth will be provided to companies in windows of 6, 8 or 12 hrs a day, as per their requirements.

Features of Bandwidth on Demand Service:

  • Flexible according to the company’s business requirements
  • Higher bandwidth access during peak usage hours
  • Optimum utilization of bandwidth
  • Cost effective: companies can leverage their expenditure and pay as per their usage

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  Co-location / Data Centre Facility

Data centre / co-location is a secured place where customers can locate their servers at minimum cost and complexity. Increasingly, organizations are recognizing the benefits of co-locating their mission-critical equipment within a data centre. Co-location is becoming popular because of the time and cost savings a company can realize through the shared infrastructure of a data centre.

Features of Data Center / Co-location Services

  • Secure Hosting Area: The centre has a secure environment for your business, with 24X7 physical security.
  • Air Conditioning: The centre has an adequate air-conditioning system, which ensures the proper functioning of all equipment.
  • Fire System: The network operations centre (NOC) is equipped with a fire detection and suppression system.
  • Power: The centre is equipped with 1-to-1 backups of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) and automatic diesel generator set electricity supply.
  • Security: Access control is enabled throughout the centre, ensuring proper security of the installed equipment.
  • 24x7 Technical Support: NOC personnel are trained to handle all aspects of the facility, with round-the-clock availability.

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  Video Conferencing Facility

Most professionals travel often for conferences, discussions and meetings. The expenses involved, time spent and stress associated, can all be done away with by utilizing the technologies available today. Meetings can be held across a screen using video conferencing. STPI offers a video conferencing facility at its office at 6Q3, Cyber Towers, Hitec City.

Video Conferencing Facility Features

  • Cost effective
  • Key meetings at short notice, periodic review meetings
  • Document sharing
  • Business negotiations, presentations
  • Ideal for small and medium sized entrepreneurs

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